Tips from Ogilvy

Aint' much different going on in the world. Yep everything has changed but really nothing has. Or at least the important things never change. I recently have read a few books authored by maven, David Ogilvy. Such that I may better remember what I found most interesting, I write down this book report on the blog, thinking it would be interesting to share.

Great Ads (yeah I know we are beyond just doing ads now but the point is the point of disruption or awareness is what he refers to)

The viewer should experience: "wow that is right, or wow I never knew that ". They should never say "wow that is a clever ad."

Great ads and creatives should keep these points in mind:

1. Ads should be about what you say NOT how you say it.
2. Ads must have an idea.
3. Ads should excite. You can't bore people into buying.
4. Advertising must at some point reveal the facts.
5. For creatives: Don't be a clown. Be well mannered. You are a salesman.
6. Make it feel modern.
7. Committees can criticize ads but they can't write them.
8. Runs the same creative until it stops working.
9. Don't lie. Don't make ads you wouldn't show your family.
10. Creative should uplift the image of the brand.

Other tidbits I found to be a nice reminder of what is important in a creative environment:

1. We must provide an atmosphere where creatives can do goodwork.
2. Employees must: pull their own weight, be the smartest, be honest, be sunrise people, and have a path for upward progression.
3. Hire ambitious people from modest backgrounds over a high-priced fugitive from a fashionable agency on Madison Avenue.

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